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Comic Book Haul

I haven’t done a comic book post in awhile so I thought I’d post all the comics I’ve picked up from March 28th to April 12th.

Alice in Wonderland #1 & 4

I finally got my hands on the first issue! Now I just need to get the second and third and I’m all set until the next issue comes out!

Batgirl #8

I’m missing issue 7 for some reason, I’ll have to try and find it.

Batwoman #8

I’m still missing a few issues in this series so I haven’t been able to actually read it.

Grimm Fairy Tales #68, 69, 71

I’m very happy I found these, aside from some issues I’m missing earlier in the series, which I’ve read because I have the trades, I’m only missing issue 70, hooray!

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Library #5

Completely up to date with this series, now I have to actually read it!

Happy reading!